Beauty Queen Official Music Video Bop Skizzum


Uploaded on April 12, 2011 by BopSkizzum

Beauty Queen Official Music Video Bop Skizzum

Best Unsigned Rock Funk Band Music Group for the United States of America in Denver Colorado USA

Looking for a new album that inspires you to get up and get down? The 2010 Bop Skizzum release Push is now available on-line and ready for mass consumption. This short and sweet EP is pumping with ballsy rock adrenaline, singable hooks and danceable beats. It's a tasty cocktail of musical mojo that somehow manages to be both squeaky clean and grimy, laced with an addictive honey-pop sensibility that will cause it to linger in your rotation and make you crave more of what this delicious funk trio is dishing out.

Since it's founding more than ten years ago Bop Skizzum has always taken pleasure in concocting songs that enable you to blow off some steam by getting on the floor and burning it up. Screaming horn lines, block-rocking beats, and lyrics squarely stamped with Marvin Gaye's "Sexual Healing" seal of approval all point to one thing: Bop Skizzum's mission is to make you dance.

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