Scion A/V Presents: Corinne Trailer

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freestyle. The singer collaborates with producer Josh Anzano to pay homage to the genre in a way that is bo...
freestyle. The singer collaborates with producer Josh Anzano to pay homage to the genre in a way that is both genuine and magical. The song’s four remixers go on to expertly sniff out the other possibilities in Corinne’s masterful performance. 1. “Dream A Little Dream (Original)” Corinne sets it off with a visit to the sparkle factory and an explosion of pure Latin freestyle. Producer Josh Anzano’s synthesizer melodies and drum machine programming are not only perfect throwbacks, but Corrine’s vocal delivery expertly captures the feeling of a young heart longing for love that characterizes the genre. Spray your bangs up high for this one, and bring extra mascara just in case you start crying in the bathroom. 2. “Dream A Little Dream (Mugwump E-Dreamer Remix)” Belgium’s Mugwump hones in on the desperation in the lyrics of “Dream A Little Dream.” At first spare and lonely, the remix fills up with insistent drum patterns and sci-fi soundtrack synths to give it a sense of unflappable determination—if only for one night. 3. “Dream A Little Dream (Runaway Radio Energy Remix)" Put together by Runaway, the bosses at On the Prowl Records, this remix brings in bubbling touches of late period disco. It’s a line-in-the-sand type track, after you hear this one around midnight you’re either calling it a night or you’re floating on for the next few hours to whenever the DJ takes you. 4. “Dream A Little Dream (Midnight Magic Remix)” Discodellic, discotronic and half-bionic, Midnight Magic strut their way through “Dream A Little Dream” with a New York groove bassline and slash it apart with red bell bottom horns. Then when you think things are winding down, they blow the time warp whistle and flash forward with some serious downtown club kid house sounds. 5. “Dream A Little Dream (Harkin & Raney Remix)” New York’s Harkin & Raney, of the Throne of Blood label, give “Dream A Little Dream” the full electronic house treat—pulling it apart and stretching it out to give it everlasting dance floor elasticity. This one is a workout.