Scion Radio 17: March 2011 Soul Clap Interview Preview [HD]


Uploaded on April 15, 2011 by Scion AV

"Night People returns with more dark, rare and banging music. This month Blu Jemz invites Boston natives (by way of Berlin and Miami) Soul Clap to the show. With over ten releases and a DJ Kicks (with label mates Wolf & Lamb) on the way, Soul Clap have been making some serious noise, albeit quietly. Check out the slow, deep movement of their mix and you can see why so many people are finally crowding in to ride their Midnight Express. The duo talks with Jemz about the advantages of playing off vinyl and their plans for the next year. As always, Jemz keeps the night vision on with a mix that stretches from noise rock to acid house, but what else would you expect?
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