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From the old fashioned boob tube to YouTube… the video-sharing site has at long last unveiled its live streaming service.

YouTube’s parent company, Google, says it hopes YouTube Live will cater to the Internet TV generation. Google also plans to invest $100 million in a major overhaul

Two analysts from The Wall Street Journal explain why YouTube is making the leap to live.

Dennis Berman (Financial analyst, WSJ): “Young people today are probably far more likely to view their through a Youtube like interface than they are through regular cable TV.”

Jessica Vascellaro (Media and Marketing, WSJ): “One important thing that is driving this in part is internet-connected televisions, tablets. So you have new devices that are new interfaces that even feel TV-like that all of a sudden Youtube can get content to.”

A CNet blogger adds- the live streaming service fits in nicely with YouTube’s long-term plan.

“Live video streams are also likely to play a big part in YouTube's reported plan to bring original content series to its programming lineup, paving the way for real-time news shows and other live broadcasts.”

YouTube joins a handful of sites that already offer streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, and uStream. A blogger for World TV PC writes...

“The service is bound to threaten rival sites...largely due to YouTube’s massive user base and its widely recognised brand. Whether or not the YouTube Live service will rival broadcast and cable TV is another question. The partners who provide the content will be, of course, a key element to the service’s success.

But The Globe and Mail reports, YouTube Live’s success hinges on getting access to shows and events that may be locked up by TV-rights holders.

“The most-valuable live content may be hard to come by. As advertising budgets have shrunk and more people are watching on-demand or digitally recorded programs, TV providers have bet more on lucrative live events that can still draw viewers.”

According to PC World, the live-streaming beta program will initially only allow YouTube partners quote “in good standing” to stream live content on the site.

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