4.15/11 Arriving @ The Tonight Show, Guests Travolta, Eliza Dool


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I wanted to see travolta..he's been around a while..here's my notes from the day..part of the experience is always meeting new people in line waiting for counter tickets..and then the actual line at 2pm..then the show itself..its a whole day,,,altho from 8 to 1 you're free.....4/15/11 ..[for entire blog post, go to http://hwblog.posterous.com/41511-updated-re-my-experience-tonight-show-w. ]

So its jay leno w/ travolta tonight..arrived @ 6am..for counter tickets from the window..nobody else there yet...then came a guy from canada,,,novia scotia..works for michelin..only he me & a lady in line now..she's reading a book..I'm talking to they guy from nova..he drove from san fran w/ wife..big sur still closed..he went to the ellen show ystrday..he doesn't like fellow candian bieber..his first time at tonight show..its 205p and were still in the holding area, ..I mention the litany of talk shows around l.a. ..he's never heard of craig ferguson..he's going to price is right next week, already has ticket, I tell him about my experience at price years ago when barker was still active..long wait..[...back at the studio at 207pm... line's moving, michelle from wash dc is counting the people..will we make it..I'm near the end..been turned back at least twice in previous times, incl ron howard..but I got to see him at burbank parade last week..also I didn't get in when lady gaga was here, but she did do a walk-by and signed autographs.."line stopped again , still in holding area on bob hope street @ parkside, kitty corner from johnny carson park..].....apparently leno takes a week off next week..spring break or holy week break..its warm..must be high 80's 212pm, still waiting in holding area wxactly where I got gaga's autograph...I can see studio 11 & 9 from here..the hill opposite hollywood sign....quiet crowd..the guy from novia remembered kotter & horshack, ,I told him about my previous experiences here..guests I've seen, incl geo bush..he said "jr or sr?" And then."I still don't know how he became president.." am I the only one who voted for bush? I liked bush..or some things about his presidency..but mmostly I'm repub b/c I'm pro-life, ..but I like obama's push for universal health care and distrib of wealth..even things out a little bit..looking the other way I see the providence st. Joseph med center sign ....I hope to be out of here in time to catch stations of the cross and a fish fry for lent...258..were almost in ...saw jay's car of the day..a historical vehicle of some sort..that one african american gal is here again..she's bossy..more so than the other line workers ..449pm leaving tonight show..with travolta..he mentioned a kotter reunion...and gabe kaplan..and they showed a clip..and he talked about his new baby, Benjamin Hunter, ..and his upcoming movvie about the mob..the gotti family..he's going to play a part..and they mentioned lindsay lohan possibly taking a part..leno cracked.."yeah she's got some crime in her family..." and .travolta didn't seem to like that joke giving leno a quick frown...they showed clips from a bunch of travolta's movies, including Saturday night fever of course, but not grease, surprisingly...I was on the way far end this time..west end..and an anglo guard stared at us the entire time..I had my leno tonight show hat on (the one they gave me when bush came, b/c my view was partially obstructed)..then leslie mann came on as the next guest...all the while paul mcdonald who lost his american idol bid..sang tunes during commercial breaks..several people remarked about his white teeth...but he claimed he only brushes & flosses them..leslie mann started talking about the royal wedding she plans to attend..but apparently just hopes to see them in the drive-by...leno cracked a few jokes about how this was going to happen and she didn't seem to know..they talked about leslie's husband..she joked about him disappearing for long periods of time tweeting in the bathroom..30 times per day she said..and showed some pics of her husband ..and their dog dyed pink..and of her animated character in a movie

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