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Uploaded on April 17, 2011 by kaddeesh - Everest John Alexander 772-626-7579 Let's look at the 10 ways to earn income with Syntek Global one at a time:

1) The Preferred Customer Commission pays the Distributor 25% of whatever his personally referred customer spends on products at Syntek Global. The customer logs on to the website and buys the product, the company ships the product directly to the customer and the Distributor gets paid by the company.

2) The Team Commission pays the qualified Distributor 10% of the total Gross Volume generated by his entire downline organization.

3) The Sponsorship Bonus pays an additional $25 for each new distributor sponsored and is paid in one installment of $500 when twenty new distributors have enrolled with Infinity or MVP Starter Kits.

For every twenty new distributors sponsored Syntek Global will pay a $500 Sponsorship Bonus to the qualified Distributor.

4) The Fast Start Bonus pays the Distributor $25 or $50 respectively whenever he enrolls a new Distributor who purchases an Infinity or MVP Starter Kit.

5) The Infinity Bonus is similar to the Fast Start bonus in that it pays whenever new Distributors enroll with a Starter Kit. But the Infinity Bonus only starts paying the qualified Distributor after he has his first two enrollees.

It pays $25 and $50 respectively on the Infinity or MVP Starter Kits purchased by the first two enrollees of his third enrolled Distributor and the first two enrollees of those 1st level enrollees, and the first two enrollees of those 2nd level enrollees and the first two enrollees of those 3rd level enrollees... this pays to infinite depths, hence the term, Infinity Bonus!

Not only this... but this same scenario is played out over and over again with every new Distributor that the primary Distributor enrolls...

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