Breakthrough Video Game For Teens Helps Save Lives

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More and more we're hearing about video games designed to help teens in a positive way. But for some, one video game could literally save their life.

A new video game called “Re-mission” is designed to give young cancer patients a sense of power and control over their disease. Rated T for teen, the 3D game is a 20 level journey through the bodies of fictional patients with different types of cancer. Players control a nanobot named Roxxi. The task? Blast cancer cells, battle bacterial infections, and manage realistic, life-threatening side effects.

But the game is more than a fun challenge. Studies show that young cancer patients who play the game are more likely to take their medicine, undergo needed therapy and understand their illness. That's because the game is geared to help teenagers better adhere to their cancer treatment and embrace vital behaviors to improve their health.

For more information on Re-Mission or to order a free copy of the game for a teen with cancer, log onto
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