Half of Grocery Meat Has Some Bad Bacteria


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MMM … nothing like a big juicy filet mignon … filled with infectious bacteria.

"A new study finds that some meat and poultry processed in the United States are contaminated with drug resistant bacteria."

How much is "some meat"? Let me put it this way -- the results suggest almost half of all beef, chicken, pork and turkey -- from 80 different brands -- have the bacteria that most commonly causes staph infections. The Los Angeles Times points a finger at the culprit...

"DNA testing suggested the animals were the source of contamination."

A nonprofit biomedical research center in Phoenix conducted the study. Medical News Today says this, is the first nationwide assessment of contamination of the U.S. food supply with this antibiotic resistant bacteria.

"Although US authorities routinely check meats and poultry for four different types of drug-resistant bacteria, the checks do not include S. aureus."

So should we all become vegetarians? CNN reports -- eh -- it's not that serious.

"It's not going to get you sick when you eat it. It could, possibly, maybe, harm you when you touch it. That's the issue is that it could give you a skin infection."

Cooking kills the bacteria. Washing your hands after handling raw meat does the job, too. KPHO interviews a scientist who says, what we should really be worried about is what farmers are feeding animals.

TGEN Microbiologist: "So they're giving more low doses of antibiotics to make animals grow faster and to prevent diseases that may just be occurring because of how tightly they're packed or unhygienic conditions."

The station goes on to report -- if the animals we're eating are drug-resistant, that means we could eventually become drug resistant, too.

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