Basic Insurance Marketing Ideas For Today


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The Best Insurance Marketing Ideas are still basic, but they need to include the internet and technology.

Why? Consumers are using the internet to research insurance!


Here Are A Few Basic Insurance Marketing Ideas

1. Email / Auto-responder Insurance Marketing Program. This is very simple, but one of the most productive systems. Most insurance agents do email marketing, but they spend a lot of time sending out emails, and they are sent out on an irregular basis. Using an auto-responder system, you can set up a chain of emails and the system send them out for you. You Just Do It 1 Time. The System Runs For You On A Consistent Basis. This gives the customers and prospects a regular message, so they become familiar with your agency. This will give you long term sales month after month.

2. Super Niche Direct Mail. Most agents send out 1,000′s of direct mail letters every month, with little results and a lot of money. The secret is sending only 10 letters a week to a targeted market and get them to opt-in to your website or facebook page. Give them something for free, to get them on your list. This fits right in to your auto-responder program. Your long term close ratio will be in the double digit percentages.

3. Social Media: Forget about the network Groups. We have a system that will network you with hundreds of not thousands of other businesses, customers and prospects. You can get your information out these people every day. Let me show you the secrets on how to set this up.
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