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Uploaded on April 20, 2011 by asleyvaugan678 Get your life insurance quotes now . She and her husband loved each other very much---but they never talked about what would happen to her if he died. She just assumed he'd take care of her like he always had. You see, he was "The Man".

Well, no one saw it coming, but he died at age 50. She was heartbroken---but she never Remembered the good times---she couldn't Because all she could remember is that he Left her with nothing.

She was forced experience all the fear and Frustration of staring over--- It's no wonder she jumped at the chance to remarry when guy showed up that agreed to live with her as "The Man".

The lesson: You can either live on as a hero or as irresponsible. Don't force your family to struggle. It only takes a few minutes to get Life insurance.

This is the best place to get quotes---rates are As low as $20 a month.

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