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One day after Blackberry released its tablet, the PlayBook, T-Mobile released the G-Slate.
So what does the new LG tablet bring to the table?
MSNBC reports, for starters -- it has 3D.

“If you're saying to yourself - this 3D thing is kind of a gimmick- you're probably right, but this tablet has a lot going for it...”

It’s got 4G support, a wide-angle IPS screen, out-of-the-box streaming TV features, and Honeycomb support. And it includes not one -- but two cameras on the back side. (VIDEO FROM T-MOBILE)

Why two? PC World says, how else you gonna get that 3D effect at home?

“The cameras make it possible to easily do 3D video capture and, while this may sound gimmicky, it actually can be fun. The tablet is compact enough to hold up as a video camera, and the video captured looked pleasing on the display, when viewed with the included anaglyph 3D glasses.”

Not only are the glasses a potential mis-fit -- CNET says -- the whole 3D product effect, misses the mark.

“If you're expecting good-looking 3D on the G-slate, be prepared to be disappointed. To start off, its anaglyphic red and blue glasses, which while more practical and cheaper, than active shutter lenses, results in a lower quality image in the end.”

To be fair, CNET suggests, the G-Slate is the best option for Android tablet shoppers. Of course, that means -- it’s the newest entry in the iPad killer competition. The Detroit Free Press Technology columnist Mark Smith says, good luck with that.

“The one downside on the hardware I found here was the weight. It just feels a bit heavier than it should. It’s about point three pounds lighter than the iPad, but when you put it up next to the iPad, you can see it’s quite a bit shorter.”

The G-Slate went on sale starting on Wednesday. Retail prices run from the low $500 dollar range -- to north of $800 -- depending on how it’s equipped.

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