Newsy Now: April 22

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BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. T...
BY ERIK SHUTE AND HARUMENDHAH HELMY You're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. This is Newsy Now and here are the headlines you need to know. In U.S. news — Senator John McCain has arrived in Benghazi, Libya to meet with the pro-democracy forces and assess the situation on the ground. McCain is the most senior U.S. official to step foot in the city since fighting began. Here’s KNXV. “We are hearing, McCain says, the Libyan rebels fighting Muammar Gaddafi’s troops are his heroes. McCain is meeting with several groups including the rebel National Transition Council and the de-facto government in the eastern half of the country.” In world news — Thousands of Syrians have reportedly gathered in cities across the country, in one of their largest protests yet. The BBC reports, authorities have responded with some violence. “In Syria, security forces have used tear gas to disburse a pro-democracy protest in the historic Midan district of the capital Damascus. Witnesses said security orces fired the tear gas from flyovers in the district and there were over 2,000 protesters and now hundreds have re-grouped. And apparently there is a big security deployment, especially in Homs, where there was so much trouble earlier in the week. It does seem the scene is set for a confrontation.” In U.S. news — Florida’s notorious Pastor Terry Jones, will be at a Michigan courthouse this morning because of a protest planned for today. Here’s WOFL. “The city of Dearborn denied Jones a permit to protest outside the Islamic Center of America. Prosecutors asked him to pay a $100,000 peace bond, but he refused. A jury will decide if he has to cough up that cash. And of course today is Good Friday, and a very holy day for Christians — the holiest day. It's not clear whether the timing for this protest was on purpose or just a coincidence.” In the tech world -- after Apple filed a lawsuit claiming Samsung copied its phone and tablet design, Samsung is ready to fire back. The tech giant is counter suing Apple and when the smoke clears, Apple could lose more than the trial. BBC explains. “They say this legal battle between Apple and Samsung could potentially jeopardize the earnings growth of the two technology giants as apple depends heavily on Samsung for components for chips and LCD displays, while strong sales of the iPhone and iPad translate electronics.” In entertainment -- Jason Bourne is back -- well almost. The blockbuster spy movie franchise is getting ready to produce another installment titled “Bourne Legacy.” Universal has named The Town’s Jeremy Renner as the leading actor, expect he won’t be playing the infamous Jason Bourne. WTVJ has more. "The Bourne franchise has a new leading man, Jeremy Renner. The new film is not a reboot of the series, but would have renner play a new character within the bourne universe. Matt Damon will not appear, but his character will be present in the film.” Stay with Newsy**** for more analyses on news throughout the day. For Newsy Now, I’m Jim Flink, highlighting the top headlines making you smarter, faster. Follow Newsy on Twitter Newsy_Videos for updates in your feed. Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy. Transcript by Newsy.