Black Ops External Hack V1.7 Cheat Aimbot April 2011

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*******www.gamehackscentral****/2011/04/24/black-ops-externalhack-v1-6-1/ Black Ops ExternalHack v1.6.1 ...
*******www.gamehackscentral****/2011/04/24/black-ops-externalhack-v1-6-1/ Black Ops ExternalHack v1.6.1 Features =========================== - Radar ESP: both rotating radar and global fixed radar (toggle with NUMPAD +) - Box ESP + Name tag + Weapon name + Helis + Sentries - Explosive ESP -- including all grenades and RC-XD - Rage feature to mark a player you want to molest repeatedly - Crosshair - Aimbot + Tubebot: use either right mouse button or HOME key. Note: aimbot target selection is a mix between closest enemy and closest to crosshair. Note: tubebot allows indirect bell-curved rather than direct curve with CAPSLOCK key - Includes a pattern scanner, automatic offset updates when game updates - Works for any Python version : 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 — from ActivePython or python**** INSTRUCTIONS / HACK USAGE: F3: Crosshair Toggle this on or off for a more precise aim. F4: Explosive ESP F5: Aimbot Use this to get a lock on the enemy when they are near your crosshairs. (press right mouse button or HOME key) F6: Show weapon names F7: Tomahawk bot F8: Autostab -- make sure the melee key is 'V' in your game F9: F10: Radar F11: Box Esp F12: Snapline Draw lines to easily locate enemy players ******Extra Tags**** Tags: black ops black ops zombies halo reach black ops gameplay call of duty halo reach gameplay assassins creed brotherhood black ops multiplayer modern warfare 2 medal of honor cod black ops co za asy black ops glitches eminem code black ops black ops trailer machinima raywilliamjohnson fallout new vegas halo reach trailer modern warfare 3 red dead redemption mw2 seananners nba 2k11 black ops guns eminem not afraid machinima respawn nigahiga annoying orange mw2 sniper montage lil wayne black ops emblems smosh madden 11 dead space 2 not afraid eminem fable 3 black and yellow funny video black ops montage hutch ign fred halo reach forge justin bieber dead rising 2 mw2 glitches halo chris smoove halo 3 lego black ops dynamite taio cruz like a g6 black ops beta black ops customization transformers 3 halo reach glitches assassins creed 3 zombies black ops campaign black ops ascension funny rooster teeth assassins creed 2 mafia 2 halo reach firefight fable 3 gameplay gran turismo 5 justin bieber baby black ops online mortal kombat till i collapse zombies black ops black ops wii nba 2k11 gameplay xbox 360 kinect zzirgrizz xbox 360 slim crysis 2 wont back down e3 2010 mafia 2 gameplay black eyed peas halo reach machinima grenade bruno mars ray william johnson eminem recovery black ops zombie callofduty hutch black ops left 4 dead black ops demo the annoying orange achievement hunter nerf war halo reach montage skate 3 mw2 montage wiz khalifa