Top Insurance Marketing Ideas: Learn How To Get Started


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Insurance Marketing Ideas need to include technology.

I discovered that the most productive small business professionals have 4-5 programs based on the internet.


Insurance Marketing Ideas Problems:

* Follow-Ups: You are constantly following up with phone calls and letters on all the quotes you have sent out over the last 6 months.
* Direct Mail: You are sending out Direct Mail every month, not getting many orders and jut wondering if people even care.
* Network Groups: Your weekly network groups are getting tiring and redundant.
* Referrals: The monthly cost for referrals doesn’t justify the return
* Phone Books: The leads coming in from phone books are dwindling.
* Then you have Telemarketing, Purchase Internet Leads, Car Dealerships, etc. etc. etc.

Have you noticed that with all these strategies, you are constantly starting over every month and trying to generate leads from these methods month after month.

Have you ever heard of Social Media, Web 2.0, Auto-Responders, Video Marketing, Opt-In Forms, Website SEO? You probably have, but have been too intimidated by the technology to get into it. Go to the Link To See More....

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