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Before you send individualized Bar Mitzvah Invitations to your friends and family members, it may be necessary to review 1 or 2 issues referring to etiquette and the big party. While you may be very mindful of a number of these issues, others may warrant a a clarification. If nothing else, you may want to pass this information along to any recipients who aren't as acquainted with what can be expected.

Base Elements of the Bar Mitzvah Celebration

The purpose behind those Bar Mitzvah invitations or bat mitzvah invite might be common knowledge to you but it might not be so clear to a few of your guests. You might want to explain to them this event can best be classified as a rite of passage. Jewish girls and boys embark on this path when they turn thirteen. Nevertheless the particular time of the celebration can alter dependent on how long the child's non secular education takes to complete.

The average Bar Mitzvah party is made of 2 varying parts. First, you'll go to the synagogue where the kid will usually recite some of the Torah. The quantity of religious reading concerned will change depending on the practices of your synagogue. Remember that girls are not always allowed to play a role in this aspect of the event but they can still take part in the second part of their bat mitzvah, which is the female version of the Bar Mitzvah. After the synagogue, the event will even resort to a reception.

Before Mailing the Bar Mitzvah Invitations

One of the commonest questions folks will have after you mail the invites will be about the sharing of presents. Thanks to television, the general public think the first point of the party is for the kid to get a huge quantity of dear presents. That's not actually the case. Giving presents is common at the reception but there aren't any set guidelines about what you should buy.

When sending out your bar mitzvah announcement, be certain to include your contact information so guests can reach you with questions about what to purchase for your girl or boy. If you are not certain how to reply, money gifts, savings bonds, and gift certificates are generally really nice gifts. Often these are given in multiples of eighteen because of the number's importance to the Jewish community. Nevertheless nearly any present that will be appropriate for a child of this age would make an excellent event.

Bar Mitzvah Invitations & Wording

Many of these invitations will include some very basic information, for example your child's name and the site of the synagogue. You need to invite friends and family members to both the church and the reception portions of the celebration. If you're inviting non-Jewish individuals to the event and you're worried they may feel awkward in the reciting of the Torah, consider only inviting them to the reception on the bar mitzvah invitations.

The wording for the bar mitzvah invites isn't going to be too big of a challenge. Nevertheless you could always include some topical passages from the Torah if you want to make them even more special.

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