Get a FREE Sony PSP NGP / PSP2!

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Uploaded on April 26, 2011 by fern0
Start earning your FREE Sony PSP NGP!

Step 1:
Register on Points2Shop at the link above. Registration is free and will take less than a minute. Confirm your email after registration for a 250 point bonus!

Step 2:
Once you've registered and confirmed your email, you're ready to start earning points. Points can be used to get anything on for free! You can earn points by completing offers, daily surveys, playing games or referring others. Most users find offers and surveys are the fastest way to get points. Also be sure to read through the offer guide to maximize your earnings!

Step 3:
Order your Sony NGP / PSP2! Once you've earned enough points and the NGP is available for pre order on you'll be able to order one with your points for FREE!

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