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Uploaded on April 27, 2011 by LannaInniss2329

download file here http://filezok.com/LaverneGill03/Tutorial

Game Info :

It's 2023, terrifying alien invaders stalk the New York City streets. Only you can prevail, wielding the supersoldier enhancements of Nanosuit 2.

BE STRONG -- Take on multiple enemies with Armor mode, mince them with heavy weapons or squash them by kicking cars.

BE FAST -- Get to the action quickly, then powerjump, ledgegrab and slide round the environment with amazing agility.

BE INVISIBLE -- Use Stealth mode to set traps or hit and run your enemies, or snipe from a concealed position.

BE THE WEAPON -- With the Nanosuit, you choose how you want to play.

Studio: Crytek
Genres: Shooting, Action
Brand: Crysis


*If you really like Crysis 2 , support EA and buy the game. This video is for educational purpose only.

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