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Uploaded on April 27, 2011 by AyersAmie1178

Download here:http://myfilequick.com/su239/VIP

The hack is now updated to support the latest patch on US/EU LoL servers. Enjoy your new ip and rp boosts. HF ^^

This is a boost injector hack for League of Legends. Now you may ask what is a boost injector? Well it is a hack that works by injecting modified data packets into the receiving data stream of the LoL database. The way this hack operates is that it injects modified data packets thus marking a newly created account in order to activate those injected data packets when the account reaches level 5 or above thus skipping the LoL security system that checks all accounts for data validity before level 5. Once you are level 5 on your new account upon reconnecting to the game you will recieve 75 IP boosts. There is no other way to boost your IP other than this, all other ways are fake. When you have 75 IP boosts you recieve 200% of the IP you recieve normally, which means that you can farm up your IP very quickly by playing custom IP farm matches against bots and recieve around 170 - 200 IP per win. That is how I got my IP. As for the RP I found a way to hack that amount through the referral reward system. By activating the hack and choosing the RP option you will receive 975 RP per summoner level 5 referral that you have. This is the only way to hack RP and it works, but only if you have summoner level 5 referrals. Now you may ask why do I need referrals for RP and not IP? Well RP data records are much more secure than IP data records that are in the LoL database, and to get around this security the hack sends false-positive data packets that trigger the referral reward system to automatically give you the RP as if you referred 10 friends, and this rewards RP is 975. But the RP hack is not instant like the IP boost because the data packets trigger only when the LoL servers crash/restart, which is usually on Tuesdays when they introduce new patches/champions.

In addition to this hack I am providing a LoL zoom hack that provides you to zoom out as much as you want and it gives you a whole new better perspective on the game.

Why am I doing this for free ?
Well this is not entirely free, I will cancel the download links just after a few days from this release because I just want to see peoples reaction to this hack, also this version will not stay undetected forever so I will make newer versions with a secured login system and I also did this to promote my hacks. The web site is currently in development but it will be up and running in a few days, and there you will be able to find several free and premium hacks for games like: LoL, CoD2, CoD4, CSS, BF...

Also read the hack instructions in order for the hack to work properly.

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