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3 days to cancel your car purchase if you change your mind about that new hot rod? I get a lot of consumers who regret a purchase and ask me how they can get out of it. Unfortunately it's an urban myth. Under Florida law there is actually no right to cancel on a car buy.
However Florida law does give you 3 days to cancel certain contracts in certain situations -- it's just that none of them have anything to do with buying a car. Here are the times when you actually do have 3 days to cancel a contract: If you sign a contract for services to be performed in the future on a continuing basis (like a lawn or pool service) if it was a "home sales solicitation" (a a door-to door salesperson) or if 3 day right to cancel may be written into the contract itself.
Keep in mind that to take advantage of your 3 day right to cancel you can't just call or stop by the business. Usually you need to give written notice and send it before midnight of the 3rd business day after signing the contract. And make sure that you send it certified so you can prove it in court if you need to! You can check out Eric's legal and consumer tips on his website:

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