TIGER M - Assurance (Original Mix)

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Published 30 Apr 2011
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Hey everybody! =D

This song was inspired back in 2008 when my cellphone malfunc...

Hey everybody! =D

This song was inspired back in 2008 when my cellphone malfunctioned [ok! I dropped it <.<; =3] and the insurance company I had been paying googles of credit to each month [okay... $7.00 during my month "Upkeep Phase" to keep "Cellphone Insurance" in play ^_^] -- CMAME THROUGH! =D

The name of the company is Assurion and I just kept saying aloud, "WHOA! Talk about Assurance!" 
And then it hit me. ^_^

The original song actually DID have the vocals in it saying, "Assurance... *whispers* Insurance!"
But I thought it just sounded way too corny so removed "Insurance" except for one hit in the far background! ^_^ Feel free to enjoy! =D

This music was all done in Cakewalk Kinetic [mu'h baby! ^_^] a fun little program it appears a great deal of producers and DJs alike tend to overlook--feel free to look into it! ^_^

Recently released this track in 2010 with a generally positive response.
Earlier this month, mixed this track into two new released dance songs I think highly of right now:

Dezza - Hefty (Original Mix)
Sander van Doorn - Koko (Original Mix)

Did a tribute Mashup which can be heard here if you'd like =3

TIGER M meets Dezza & Sander van Doorn - Hefty Koko Assurance!


Of course this is the original "Tequila-style" trance track
[lol...Lyrics include ONE word with great music! ^_^ Great music if you so desire for it to be to you! =D]

Add another Trance-esque song to the awesome realm known as:
Newgrounds Radio! =D Actually... New Grounds Audio Portal! ^_^


Enjoy! =)

Forever In Love With All That Which Exists
(That Which Is Seen & Unseen, Known & Unknown),
-DJ, Writer, Artist, Musician, Being of Existence = TIGER M [GREAT!! Friday!] 
-6:15 PM (4/22/2011) [Eastern Standard Time, The Biding House, U.S.A.]

TIGER M is... >=O
Angel Arc & Company
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