Series 2 Level 1 Part 5 Beginner Chord Changes


Uploaded on May 01, 2011 by Rex Pearson for a full description, more free guitar courses, guitar lessons and a great community of guitarists to help you out or share your experiences with!

Changing chords is difficult if you have not tried it before but with some good advice and some good technique you will get it! Here is where the real test comes in we have covered the D Major E Major and A Major guitar chords it's now time to practice changing between one. We don't need to worry at this stage about speed or changing in time to music we just need to master the skill. We will look at the pivot point, a handy way of rooting your hand to the fret board and we will also look at some exercises for changing chords that you can master! This is a great little secret and guitar chord changing device that cuts your learning time down by 10x. We also look at the 60 second challenge, a great way to develop your skills!

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