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Dui Salt Lake City

Busted for a Dui in Salt Lake City Utah ? Need an experienced Dui Attorney?

Susan Denhardt Law is a DUI Attorney from Salt Lake City, Utah with over twenty years of Criminal defense experience, Ms. Susan Denhardt has experience as a Trial Attorney, a Staff Attorney for the Utah Court of Appeals, and a Private Practice Attorney. Her experience includes defense of misdemeanor charges like marijuana possession, DUI, DWI, drunk driving, driving while intoxicated, driving under the influence, domestic violence, family violence cases, assault, as well as all other types of misdemeanors. Her experience also extends to all types of felony charges such as drug possession, sex offenses (including child sex offenses), crimes of violence, theft/robbery, homicide, capital homicide, dui, white collar crime, insurance fraud and employment fraud with experience in both State and Federal court. If you need legal advice for drunk driving call her law firm today for a free consultation.


2028 East Sunnyside Ave. Salt Lake city, Utah 84108

Call her today if you were stopped for a Dui in Salt Lake City Utah or if you need an attorney and you are in Salt lake County jail, Salt Lake Metro Jail, Davis County Jail or Utah County Jail.

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