Alphabet Train Poster


Uploaded on May 04, 2011 by coilbook

Fun alphabet poster (36"X24") for kids. This poster shows not just one but TWO objects per letter allowing your child to learn more words in a fun way. Also preview of upcoming cartoon called "The alphabet adventure with Alice and Shawn the train " Thank you for watching!!!

LIST OF OBJECTS ON THE POSTER: A - apple, airplane; B - ball, bridge; C - car, crane; D - drum, dog; E - elephant, excavator; F - fire truck, flowers; G - grapes, giraffe; H - hat, helicopter; I - ice cream, igloo; J - jar, jam; K- key, kite; L - lemon, lightning bugs; M - milk, mail; N - nail, nest; O - orange, owl; P - pumpkin, penguins; Q - queen (letter Q is a queen on a picture), quilt; R - robot, rocket; S - snake, sign; T - telephone, traffic light; U - umbrella, unicycle; V - van, violin; W - whale, well; X - xylophone, x-ray sign; Y - yo-yo, yacht; Z - zebra, zoo.

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