New Black Ops 15th Prestige with a USB .flvaT


Uploaded on May 05, 2011 by Knappmeghan5896

Download file here:
Infections Include(All of these work while your in the lobby or in private match)
1.Real Time UAV(not working until further notice)
2.AIM Bot(not working until further notice)
3.Nukes in care package(not working until further notice)
4.Increased Melee Distance(must have host)
5.Cartoon mode
6.God mode(not working until further notice)
7.Wall hack(not working until further notice)
8.All weapons automatic
9.Force host(not working until further notice)
10.Steady Aim
12.Predator martyrdom
13.Knock back
14.Stopping Power
15.Floating objects
and more
(infections are subject to change every lobby because we're always adding new cool stuff)

Extra features while in the lobby:
1.Super Jump
2.Night Vision
5.Walking AC-130
6.UFO Mode
7.Laser Sight

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