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ARNI is located in the district of Thiruvannamalai in the state of Tamilnadu which
is one of the most important Silk centers in Chennai. Arni, the city of silk fabrics is accessible from Vellore also. The main occupation of the people of Arni is in the field of Agriculture, Weaving, Growing Honey-bees and Poultry Farms. Arni is popular for its silk-weaving community.The town is also well known for its Paddy and Rice Business.
To create designs in the sarees, first the design is been made in a computer and then that design is punched into thick cards and then this card is loaded into the Jacard in the loom, so that according to the designs and the holes in the card, the needles will pull and put the threads which will create designs in the saree while weaving. Jacard is a box like structure at the top of the loom which contains needles which will read the punch card of designs. The weavers are into this profession traditionally. None of the weavers are trained but they have acquired this unique skill hereditarily from their ancestors. The art of weaving is passed on by way of vision and practice. There are no theoretical explanations or training for weaving.

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