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Uploaded on May 05, 2011 by ptfmktng1 - Kids picnic table. How to choose and
find the best childrens picnic table for your little ones. Buying a picnic
table for kids can be a bigger deal than you think it may be. After all,
you're not just buying a toy table but something that you could be looking
at in your back yard and landscape for years to come.

Some kids picnic tables are so cheap and flimsy, you could be lucky to get
a single season out of them. In our first video about how we got into the
kids picnic table business,, I
mentioned my frustration with shopping for a picnic table for my kids.
In this video, we talk about the various options available and the
criteria to consider when considering what type of kids picnic table is
right for you and your children. Remember that you (and maybe your
neighbors) are going to be looking at the kids picnic table you buy for a
long time.

There are safety issues you want to consider for a wooden kids picnic
table as well as plastic picnic tables for children

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