Looking For A Energy Drink MLM Energy Drink Business

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*******MoreCrave****/Business What I have here is a energy drink MLM and it is Vitamark International and t...
*******MoreCrave****/Business What I have here is a energy drink MLM and it is Vitamark International and they have a energy drink called Crave energy drink. The company has been around since 2002 headed in Houston, Texas. The company is stream lined with no much overhead which equals more $$ to put into your pocket to promoting Crave. Vitamark is run by a MLM legend in Tom Big Al Schreiter. Why you would want to join Vitamark International. Well the company has been around since 2002, I would not recommend getting into a start up company because the facts so not many of them make it past 1-2 years. Another thing is the shipping cost, Crave comes in a powder form so it is easy to ship samples and product to people all over the world. Think about your customers and how much they are going to have to pay for shipping and handling on cans of energy drinks. Look at the cost of the energy drink, think to yourself would someone really buy this product if there wasn't a business opportunity attached to it? You can see the cost of Crave over at *******MyCraveEnergy**** also see the great retail pack for Crave here *******Retail.MyCraveEnergy**** Probably the best thing about this energy drink MLM is the cost to get started is only $29 a onetime fee. That will get your access to your very own Crave energy drink website where people can go and buy Crave 24/7 your website will look like this *******rightchoice.cravedrink**** you would just replace rightchoice with your id name. As for ongoing concerns you would purchase the amount of Crave you would personally drink and get some extra to hand out as samples, that's it. Vitamark International operates in 36 countries across the globe Vitamark also has more than just a energy drink. Here are all the products Vitamark has to offer *******rightchoice.shopvitamark**** You will get a website just like this one too. Get your free samples of Crave here *******MoreCrave****/Free Crave Playlist on YouTube *******www.youtube****/view_play_list?p=BEAB5E4EB532C893 YouTube channel *******youtube****/eBestEnergyDrink Questions or comments leave them below Aaron Decker infoMoreCrave**** 419-217-5470 Cell (Call Or Text) 419-960-4028 Office Skype aaronsdecker *******MoreCrave**** *******eBestEnergyDrink****