How to Hack an ITunes Account Free(or Double Your Account Money)

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Uploaded on May 08, 2011 by mrXgal

Hello YouTube!
Today you will learn a real way to hack an itunes account/password.

I have a programme that hacks itunes accounts but I bought it and there is nowhere free!
I purchased it for 59.79 EURO! The site that I bought the programme from got perma-deleted.
Well, you must be wondering how can you do this for free...
Well,you clicked the right video!

So,to get started,you must do the following so i can make it for you for free.
(Please note that I don't make any money from this as many others do, without offering anything...)

The programm requires some information that you can e-mail me to enter them and show me the results.
Send me an e-mail at ( with the title iTunes Account Hack please
Then write:
--your iTunes email(the one you registered iTunes with)
--your iTunes password
--the victim's iTunes email you want to hack ;)
Click 'send'.
You are done!

I will check your email and I will instant hack your victim's password
and have it sent to you to the email from where you contacted me.

note:I check my emails every 4-5 hours so you will have your answers in less than a day!
It's efficient and your results will be 100% true! There is no possibility that the programme will do anything wrong.
Also,there is no case that you get noticed by the victim :) so don't worry!!! This is it! You are all done!
Thanks for watching!!!

Oh! I almost forgot:
Instead of hacking someone's iTunes account, you can double YOUR account money.
To do so, intead of iTunes Account Hack please, type Money x2.
Then enter the same information but instead of victim's iTunes email enter your current money ballance.

1. iTunes account hack please
iTunes email:
iTunes password: example123
victim's iTunes email:
2. Money x2
iTunes email:
iTunes password: example123
Money ballance: 24.83$

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