Intellectuals Call for International Intervention in Balochistan


Uploaded on May 09, 2011 by SouthAsiaNews

Balochistan, May 09: There is no end to Pakistan’s atrocities against the people of Balochistan. The issue has caught the attention of international law experts, eminent scholars, human rights activists and Baloch Diaspora, who came together at `the Carnegie Center for International Peace’ in Washington DC, for `Balochistan International Conference 2011’. Organised by the Baloch Society of North America, the conference had a number of eminent speakers including Andrew Eiva, Dr. Jumma Marri, Michael Hughes, Wendy Johnson, Jalal Khan and Jalal Baloch. The delegates condemned the atrocities on the Baloch people by Pakistan’s army and intelligence agencies and called for an urgent intervention by the international community to prevent genocide in Balochistan.

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