Stuntman BASE Jumps Off Mountain Cliff with Motorcycle


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BASE Jumping is considered one of the most dangerous activities in the world. No surprise- considering it means throwing yourself from a great height and hoping the parachute works. But if you need a bit more excitement- try doing it with a motorcycle.

That’s exactly what the Julio Munoz did. The Chilean daredevil raced his bike off a 3,300-foot cliff in the Andes Mountain Range.

The stunt cost Munoz more than $100,000 and required three helicopters to carry equipment. But oddly enough- it was another stunt that allowed him to pay for it. New Zealand’s 3News says...

“The 37-year-old gained notoriety in November last year after successfully base jumping from a skyscraper at the Castonera Centre in Chile's capital Santiago. This feat enabled Munoz to raise the US$100,000 needed for his latest stunt.”

So how did Munoz feel about it? In comments captured by Sky News- pretty relaxed, actually.

"On the way to the ramp, I was focused on adjusting the speed on the bike... When I left the ramp and I'm flying, when I'm in the middle, that's where I really feel comfortable - in the air."

Munoz hoped the jump would bring attention to the beauty of Chile. But according to ITN- that wasn’t the only reason.

Anchor: “He’s hoping the jump will mean other countries with famous landmarks will let him jump off those too.”

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