5/9/11 Gary Hall Remembers Brandon Chandler, Memorial Service


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...beautiful, inspirational, & touching memorial service..this young man KNEW he was going to die..he had cancer...he had dealt with it before as a child, but it came back recently...he almost made it to age 30 (born oct '82)..interesting how I came to know OF brandon (didn't personally know him)...I stumbled across the 168 film fest in the spring of 2010 ..a christian film contest..& I returned to it in 2011 as a fan & supporter ( by means of attending, altho I recently made a small financial donation) ..it was at the 2011 show at Alex theatre in glendale, ca (an all-day film fest showing the highlighted entries ..all short films based on a bible verse..& with one week (168 hours) to create it)..brandon's team was given a verse about the "potter & the clay" & they made a film entitled "Potter's Hand"..early in the day we saw the film..very nice..with good acting including chris ackerman, among others...apparently one of the actors also was somebody brandon had helped mentor in a prison ministry..with studio executive gary hall (who spoke at the service)..I think I read that gary works for fox films, but also he & his wife & brandon & others are involved in "impact" studio(?) that was set up specifically to reach inmates..anyways..at the alex theatre some of the members of the chandler film team spoke OF brandon early in the day..mentioning his current cancer battle...they even prayed on stage for brandon...& I had the impression that brandon was not in attendance, but back at home somewhere (a lot of these teams come from out-of-state, even a few out-of-country, so I was thinking "back east" rather than right around here in southern Cal)..the details were still sketchy to me at that point..I just envisioned somebody named brandon involved with the "potter's hand" now struggling with cancer (which could mean a LOT or a LITTLE...many people overcome cancer of different sorts these days)...& that was all we (the audience) heard about it for the moment...& assumed that was it...& to remember brandon in prayer..later, however, during the awards ceremony, "The Potter's Hand" won an award..or brandon chandler, specifically, won, for the "Potter's Hand"..& to my surprise he was THERE ! he came up on stage & accepted the award & gave a short gracious speech, humbly thanking people & ending with "glory be to God"..with a big smile on his face, also wheezing for every breath he took (clearly struggling, )....it was a great moment...& I assumed despite all the drama that Brandon would overcome...and live for many years to come (they did mention, earlier, that there was no treatment..but u never know what that means) ...I blogged for a few weeks after about the 168..& blogged about some of the films..then started thinking about other things..however, I subscribed to 168's email list & got an update around May 5 or 6 saying Brandon had passed away & also an open invitation to a wrap-up party...which said bring a dish & swim trunks if I wanted to swim in the pool...hosted by director derrick warfels (who has done some independent film-making, With a Christian emphasis)...So on Saturday, May 7 I arrived at Warfel's house, north of Los Angeles, with potato salad & a luau hawaii shirt (which, I thought, the email said to wear, but as it turns out, brandon himself, apparently requested that people wear colorful hawaii shirts to his memorial service on Monday, May 9 (which I just attended this morning) . I met John Ware, for the first time, at this party, & he mentioned Brandon, pointing to some pics on the counter. A gal named Sabrina(?) (from Brooklyn) was talking with me as well. Anyways, I couldn't stay long because I always attend the Vietnamese worship service in Fountain Valley at 8pm on Saturdays..so I snuck out...& now, two days later I'm blogging about this memorial service I just attended....as mentioned, very touching, moving..and inspirational..This young man had a definite sense of mission & purpose for his life: namely Jesus Christ, & Brandon's death, ironically, brought people together today, & maybe made a few new believ

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