Cheat Ninja Saga Damage Hack


Uploaded on May 12, 2011 by FreemonCiulla5216

download file here

This is a cheat i found, its a damage hack!!!! It give u 2 lvl 70 or lv100 npc in your team do they hit like 5000 very simple to use ... Enjoy, sub, rate and comment
1. Drag all files to the autoresponder in fiddler2
2. Click Save
3. Clear your browser cache (The most important)
4. Go to Ninja Saga: Mission
5. Do the Hardworking Student Mission (THE MISSION WILL FAILD)
6. Now you can any missions with the level 70 NPC
7. Have Fun.1 Drag the three swfs in fiddler2.
2 Open ninja saga.
3 Go to shop
4 Items npc recrutar
5 En joy there u go u have 2 lv 100 npc's just for you
NOTE: after each battle or mission, u will need to rego in the shop to rebuy the npc...

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