Black Eyed Peas- Just Can't Get Enough (ft. Audio Imagery) RE...


Uploaded on May 16, 2011 by audioimagery
Black Eyed Peas. What is there to say about them. They went from an underground rap group to being a pop sensation. Crazy. All you have to do is add a white chick, some autotune and some cool production. I got two of those so if there are any white thicks that wanna work on music we could be famous! just kidding. Well, kind of. Any who, another remix by yours truly. Its nothing crazy... but fitting for the clubs. Rock out and enjoy.

She holds the controls but don’t play games
She breaking heart and don’t take names yeah she got me
You pay the price and she don’t give change
I’m boxing for this Philly love thang call me rocky
Balboa constrictor straight she’s off the rictor
I get her, yall just watch aw but censored
Club full of shorties is like the nba draft laugh if you wanna I’m damn glad I picked her
baby is 8 ball whata whata does that mean
I’m afflicted addicted like a crack fiend
Wrestling with your love lookin’ for the tag team
Cupid plays halo head shot Fragged me

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