Backyard Monsters Cheat Engine 6.1 (May 2011) Free Download

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Download file here: *******quickfilehub****/Niqtna170/poker 3. On Cheat Engin click on "Process list&#...
Download file here: *******quickfilehub****/Niqtna170/poker 3. On Cheat Engin click on "Process list" 3.1 On Process list select "plugin-container.exe" if you are using GoogleChrome choose the last icon of GoogleChrome. Code: Now we need to check the value of our harvester. example: My Putty got 19 resources I put 19 on CheatEngine and i Click FirstScan Many Result will come Now back to the Putty after a second my putty got 36 resources then i put 36 on CheatEngine then i click NextScan Now i have 1 result.. 4. Double Click the Result 5. Right click on Address 6. Choose "Find out what accesses this address" 7. On pop-up highlight the [esi+4c] not [esi+4c]eax. 8. Then click the "Show disassembler" 9. Click on "Search" 10. Click on "Find assembly code" 11. Put the word "jg" 12. Look for the 2nd "test eax,eax" (if you see this ignore the 1st test eax,eax look for the 2nd one.) 13. At the buttom of test eax,eax theres a "je XXXXXXX 14. now change the "je to jg" 15. repeat the step "6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11" 16. now change the "jg to je"