1-3-4in Aluminum Screw Posts - 100pk - SO134ASP


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Brought to you by http://www.MyBinding.com, this video highlights Aluminum Screw Posts. These binding posts offer secure binding of loose pages for virtually any size with the addition of extensions. For more details and product specifications, visit:


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Here is a transcript from this video:

*Removable aluminum fasteners for photo albums, sample books, swatch books, architectural and engineering drawings, menus, or any application where loose sheets need to be kept together.
*These aluminum screw binding posts are sometimes called Chicago screws or Chicago Screw Posts.
*They consist of two pieces, screw and post, designed to be inserted into round holes punched in paper and covers.
*For maximum strength, the post should be long enough to go all the way through all of the sheets when they are assembled.
*Making the punch hole a snug fit for the parts will increase the strength of the connection.
*These posts are perfect for binding large documents and can be combined with aluminum screw post extensions to secure almost any size you might need.

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