- NGT Minecraft - No Whitelist Special Update


Uploaded on May 30, 2011 by SonnnieLowell4084

Download file here: http://downloadfreesave.com/Jewell987/Black
Its have 4 Mods now there is online the most of the day and help peoples =)

OBS! The server is up again =)

How to join the server:

1. Send a Email to us on: DkMincraft@Gmail.com or Danishminecraft@gmail.com or pm over youtube
Rember to send your Minecraft name! (we can put you on the whitelist without your name)
2. Wait to we have added you on the whitelist, it can take up to 2 days.
3. Type this Ip on Minecraft Multiplayer:
4. Play and have fun =)


1. Do not greif!
2. Do not set fire to a wood/forrest
3. Talk Properly
4. Do not make big holes or destroy the map totaly
5. Do not cheat!

Last Rule: Have Fun =)

We also have Chest Protect it can keep your stuff safe in your chest =)

More Information?
ask Kidzcannon the server admin or this youtube channel =)

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