Laptops, Netbooks or Tablets for Travelers? [HD]


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Laptops, Netbooks or Tablets for Travelers? - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

When you decide what kind of electronics to bring with you for traveling, first of all I can say that I bring a lot of electronics while traveling. So I typically have a laptop, camera, lenses, back-up drives.

However for the average traveler I would say if you want to stay in touch with e-mail, surf the net, probably the best thing to do is to get a Netbook. They are cheap, so it does not bother you as much if maybe they get damaged or stolen, which can happen. But I would say the cheapness in the size really are a big advantage.

The other thing to consider is, obviously you can check your e-mail and surf the internet on it and, you know, hook up to wireless connections but at the same time what the netbook has is a nice USB connection. So most travelers, most average travelers are probably going to take point and shoot camera, shoot pictures on the trip and they should download them. Hopefully that night, just, you know, because it provides back-up. And the best way to do that is through USB port for the most part.

So that is probably why I would recommend a netbook for the best thing to bring as far as electronics for the average traveler.

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