2011 Updated (working As of May) AutoLock Aimbot + Hacks (USB...


Uploaded on June 01, 2011 by BradneyGeltman6402

These hacks have now been updated since May 1st update on Mw2 you will have to re download the files and hack it again for your hacks to work again.

It works 100% online
Have a problem? Message me i will do my best to help you

FIXED BUG! if you would try to enable 2 aimbots at once your Xbox would freeze now this will not happen

This will be installed with a USB flash Drive/ Transfer cable.
Hack List

AutoLock Aimbot
Explosive Bullets
Vacuum Hack
Infidint Ammo
No Reload
Super Jump
Speed Hacks
Fully Auto Pistols
Golden Deagle
Chrome Guns
Cartoon Mode
Airdrop hacks
Fully auto Famas/M16/M93 Raffica
Teleport to crosshairs
Kamakazi aristrke
Walking AC-130
Anything else in the video i missed...

You can toggle all of these hacks in the menu

Option Added (Oct 18 2010):
Toggle Aimbot
Toggle Rapidfire
Set AA Degrees

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