Lockerz Video and Redeem Bot 2011


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8. Go back to the second cheat engine window (The Dissamble this memory region window) and click on Tools, Auto assemble
19. Paste the code in here and click EXECUTE, after this click YES and OK
20. Now go visit a friend or someone in the Café
21. When you are with your friend, go to your item-chest
22. Drop an item into the recycle box
23. Press the accept button (The green button with th V on it )MAXIMUM 4 times (Pressing it more, will crash the game).
24. You'll see that nothing happens and this is good!
25. After pressing it 4 times, click the X button (The red button with the X on it)
26. Now you'll see that you got earned 4 trophees! Each worth: 50 coins! (Which means 200 coins :D)
27. Go visit another friend and do the same!
28. If you have any further questions, ASK ME
29. Subscribe to HackingPlayfish
30. If you don't understand what i mean with 'these trophees,' ask me!

note: if you already have the 3 eco-trophees, you should create a new facebook account.


* Pet
* Society
* Coin
* Hack
* Cheat
* Playfish
* HackingPlayfish
* Restaurant
* City
* Paw
* Points
* Experience
* Green
* Point
* Gourmet

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