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Chris: “My name is Chris Sale. I’m a chartered accountant. My business is JNC Business Solutions Ltd and we provide accountancy and bookkeeping services for all businesses.”
Jenny: “I’m Jenny Wong. I’m the other side of JNC Business Solutions. We started our business at the end of last year and have been using Regus ever since.
“We are using the Virtual Office Plus.”
Chris: “Virtual Office Plus gives us the address. We don’t have that as a registered office, but you can have that; telephone service; and what we’ve found particularly useful – we use an 0845 number that, if the company want to move we can take that number with us; it also entitles us to 40 hours’ office space a month.”
Jenny: “We’d heard of Regus even before we started the business. But surprisingly, the feedback we had was that Regus is very expensive. So when we first started looking into researching Virtual Offices – and there were so many – and to our surprise Regus was actually much more competitive than we ever envisaged it would be. And we think we’ve got a fantastic deal here.”
Chris: “I think the three main things Regus offers is: a very professional environment for a business to work in; first class accommodation and a first class office address; and very friendly and helpful staff.”
Jenny: “Considering the services that are being offered – and the quality that is being offered – we’ve got no complaints. We tend to try and spread the word to people we meet along the way.
“From our experiences so far, it’s been very positive. We would definitely recommend Regus.”

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