GaiaOnline - Gold Bot Lite (proof) + Working (6.3.11) Logica


Uploaded on June 07, 2011 by GiorgioElrod0279

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Okay, well basically I'm one of the computer technicians for Gaia Online, so I know a lot of tricks and hacks since I work with their servers every day.

Naturally I don't want to be giving away any of these secrets since it would get too wide-spread and then this hack and other hacks would get closed and I wouldn't be able to do them any more.

Basically I can give you 100k+, but I don't want to give you people too much so it doesn't get suspicious. All you have to do is send a message to me over youtube (please don't type it in comments) with your username and password and I will try to get you your gold within 1-3 days. If it takes longer I'm sorry, I'm just not sure how many requests I'm going to get for this.

[Update] Ok I got a few messages regarding the java script at the end and how it's fake. Well I know it might seem like that, but remember I'm working with the servers at Gaia. So that means whatever I type in is server side and not client side so the gold will actually stay and remain there.

IMPORTANT: I can't deal with accounts that have less than 10k gold otherwise the likelihood of me getting fired are pretty high. I can probably help you if you have 9k, but if I can't you'll understand. I'll try to get to you people within 3 days or less.

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