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In this video Dr. Sarkis Aznavour Dentist Newhall, CA speaks about dental floss and tooth brush. Dental flossing and tooth brushing are important parts of an good oral hygiene. Frequent brushing and flossing will make your teeth healthier and stronger by eliminating bacteria which cause tooth decay, as well as removing particles of food which could attract tooth decay. Both teeth flossing and teeth brushing are equally important to dental hygiene, with most dentists recommending that people floss every time they brush, or at least once a day. Tooth brushing and teeth flossing reduce the risk of gum disease and other related health problems. In addition to making your breath smell better, good oral hygiene will make you feel better. Cosmetic dental procedures can be done at Healthy Smiles Dental of Newhall, CA. For more videos visit
Dr. Sarkis Aznavour also serves the following cities: Newhall CA, Santa Clarita CA, Valencia CA, Canyon Country CA, Sylmar CA, Granada Hills CA, and San Fernando CA.

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