Travel Tips: Flying with Children [HD]


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Travel Tips: Air Travel with Children - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

When flying with kids I really like to use the acronym BEST. B is for bathrooms. Always make sure you use the bathroom before the flight and during the flight, whenever seat belts sign is off. E is for entertainment. Always bring the children something to keep them occupied throughout the flight. A DVD player, a hand-held video game, coloring pages, anything. Anything that will keep their attention.

S is for seats. If you are traveling with your infant or toddler, be sure to buy their own seat. Not only for your safety but for your sanity. T is for treats. Any kind of snack is wonderful. Travel mix is a wonderful example. But just try and stay away from the sugar that might make them bounce off the walls. There is no way to run their energy off on flight.

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