The Diabetes-Reversing Breakthrough

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Try This blog: *******thediabetes-reversingbreakthrough.blogspot**** I’ll explain with a metaphor. Picture...
Try This blog: *******thediabetes-reversingbreakthrough.blogspot**** I’ll explain with a metaphor. Picture your body as a car, that was designed to function on all-natural, organic, fuel. The car is a living, breathing machine not unlike the human body. For 2 million years, this car has been using fuel such as: water / seeds / nuts / grasses / herbs / roots / fruits / vegetables / cereals. ( definition of diabetes diabetes and alcohol symptoms of diabetes diabetic retinopathy diabetes complications ) THAT'S the fuel it is used to. MOREOVER, THAT'S the fuel its entire system is based upon. It was MADE from that stuff. Then, suddenly, after 2,000,000 years… that car switches over to – for the last 100 years – a new, modern mixture of: sugar / sweets / biscuits / crisps / chocolate / coffee / coca-cola / fats & oils / cigarettes / alcohol / vinegar / pharmaceutical drugs / chemicals, pesticides, and preservatives (loads of them) / etc. What do you think would happen to this 'vehicle'? THAT'S RIGHT – IT BREAKS DOWN.