Stupid Chinese Drivers Turning On Red Lights! Part 1


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This is a compilation of STUPID Chinese drivers being stupid, idiotic, brainless morons!
In Taiwan, it is illegal to turn right on a red light. Of course Chinese people NEVER obey the law. They won't even stop and look before making a right turn on a red light. It is stupid and dangerous, but they don't care about anyone's life.
MANY people have been hurt and murdered by these STUPID morons who think that as long as there are no cameras, there is no way they’re going to obey the law.

I don't call them "STUPID Chinese Drivers" because there are a few bad Chinese drivers. It’s because most of them are bad drivers.
These videos show how Chinese drivers act ALL THE TIME! They have absolutely no respect for the law or each other. If you get in their way, you could easily end up under their car. As many Chinese say, “My father is Li Gang! / 我爸是李刚!” It means that they do not have to be responsible for their actions. They are so arrogant in their beliefs, that they cannot understand that what they are doing is stupid and dangerous. That is why they have the highest rate of traffic accidents in the world.
In most cases, they will treat foreigners with respect in China. I guess that’s because they know that foreigners are not STUPID morons when they drive.
In Taiwan, they WILL blame you for any accident that happens. There was a law that is not supposed to be exercised anymore, but of course it still is. It states that if a foreigner gets into an accident in Taiwan, it MUST be the foreigners fault. The law states that if the foreigner was not in Taiwan, the accident would never have happened. Therefore, the foreigner IS guilty.

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