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@ hammer museum..I decided to come check out the "bloomsday" festivity...had never heard of it before..but happened to stop at hammer museum earlier & noticed it on the "docket" for tonight...me being an English major (among other majors) I suppose I should know more about James Joyce & "ulysses" but I happened to go to a Christian college ..& yes we did read Shakespeare & a lot of other "great" poets & authors but not James Joyce....probably our professors kept us "protected" from anything "too liberal" .so I went online & looked up ""Bloomsday" & found out its based on "Ulyssess" by Joyce..a story based on a single day (June 16)..years ago ..(fiction I assume...didn't have time to read too closely) ..& this book was also the subject of controversy in the USA ..with some accusing it of being "erotic" or "obscene"..etc..various accusations having to do w/ sexual content or innuendo in the book ..so its a liberal favorite no doubt ..& I am a MODERATE..definitely pro-life ..but against censoring..& I am definitely a Christian..evangelical..& I know hammer museum likes to challenge the "conservative status quo" ..so I alwaysexpect"the worst" when I come here..but I like dublin 4...& maybe there's some redeeming value to "Ulysses"....u can always find something "redeeming" in just about anything..so I focus on the positve potential ..there's always HOPE ..& I PRAY & TRY TO BE "TOLERANT" & "BLEND IN" BY BUYING A BEER & "KICKING BACK" LIKE A "GOOD LIBERAL" HA HA..BUT I'M A moderate..pro-life, protect traditional marriage..be kind to your enemies..even pray 4 them ..that's my secret, pray constantly..& keep my mouth shut most of the time..God's in control, not me ...this is good music..lively..inspiring..has that "celtic" feel to it..I listen to a "celtic christmas" cd every december..wonder if they have a christmas cd

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