Josh Woodward: "Wrong Side of the Revolution"


Uploaded on June 20, 2011 by joshwoodward

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The government is your friend, you see, that's what I have to say or they will bury me
Don't you try to criticize, don't you every try to talk about their lies
I don't know what you've been told, but last time that I checked
We had the right to say the things we mean, and disagree, and not have to face the guillotine
If it's your head in the basket, then you picked the wrong side of the revolution

The Patriot Act is the Riot Act with a "PAT"
What it really means is that they're watching you, and that they're *really* watching me
And anyone who disagrees is sure to lose their liberties
A patriot has got to keep his mouth shut

Our child king and his army wing are hellbent on the conquest
Our enemies on bended knees will see it our way soon
The freedom that they steal from us, they try to export overseas
And now our former enemies are free to live a life of tyrrany the same as you and me

And it's a crime
To speak your mind
And it's a crime...
Don't say a word, cuz if you're heard
That blade is gonna fall

There's a place you ought to know, this shithole called Guantanamo
Where the people who we cannot trust are safely kept away from us
Well, we never have to worry if they're guilty or not, because we stick them in a cell and they are soon forgotten
And they're out of sight and out of mind and out of luck

Before you choose a side to fight, forget about who's wrong or right
If you like your neck, you best as heck start rooting for the winner
This brave new world is knocking at your door, and you better let it in
The constitution's evolution never made a contribution to the revolutionary man

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