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THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! They are the best I have always taken my brakes to the dealer.I took a chance on Just Brakes and this was the best brake job I have ever had done. Yes I did have to spend 368 dollars but anybody who thinks a 100 dollars is going to fix your car is crazy. stuff breaks.

DIAGNOSED THE PROBLEM RIGHT AWAY!!!! Just Brakes Marietta Georgia Review Part 2: I had taken my wife's Suburban to two other places to fix the car's squeaky brakes with no luck at either place. A friend of mine suggested Just Brakes. William diagnosed the problem right away and explained in detail what the problem was and what was causing the problem. He gave me a price and a time frame.

SERVICE WAS GOOD...!!! Just Brakes Marietta Georgia No Complaint Zone: -The service was good and I will send my friends there when they need it.

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