Steps of Mobile Application Development


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In mobile application development requires expertise that is usually owned by a computer programmer.

A user must understand the programming language required by the mobile phone operating system and must understand how to properly obtain the necessary developer kits and other required information.

steps in the development of mobile applications:

1.Visit the website developer of mobile operating systems. Before you download the developer kit, to determine whether there is additional software to be installed first.

2. Download the software developers kit, usually referred to as the SDK, from developers' website mobile operating system.

3. Read the manual operating system development. This guide, which is different for every mobile phone programming environment, providing information about developing for the platform

4. Outline what you want your program to accomplish. This outline should be linear so you can create your code in the order your program will work.

5. Referring to the developer guide, create program code for the application.

6. Download mobile operating system emulator and test applications directly from your computer. This allows for a quick test before testing the final product applications on mobile devices

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