Herbal Extracts by Madvik Research Labs Pvt. Limited, Hyderabad


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Welcome to Madvik Research Labs Private Limited ( http://www.indiamart.com/madviklabs/ ), manufacturer & exporter of Herbal Extracts. We are supported by competent & skilled staff specializing in R&D and finest grade herbal products. We offer Comprehensive range of quality products and provide adequate inventory, storage & tamper proof packaging. Our product range covers Aloe Vera Powders, Edible Food Colors and Herbal Extracts. Some of our well known herbal extracts are Ashwagandha, Garcinia, Boswellia and Calcium Sennoside. Apple, Carrot, Guava and Black Grape Powder are available under Spray Dried Powders. Edible Food Colors consists Beet Juice, Chlorophyll, Caramel Carrot and Dark Grape Juice. Aloe Vera powder provided by us is best In the industry. Sal, Mowrah, Mango and Kokum Butter are the features of cosmetic butters. To avail our best offer log on at - http://www.indiamart.com/madviklabs/

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